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Connecting in the Food Industry

There is strength in numbers - no question, and joining an industry association is a great way to tap into the skills and knowledge advantages that larger groups may hold. When you dedicate your time and efforts to an association, it’s good for your industry. When members come together, a stronger voice is created to innovate and bring valuable results. FoodRecently, Nercon's Scott Dehne joined the Southeastern Food Processors Association in an effort to expand Nercon's knowledge in the food industry and bring our customers innovative solutions.

A high degree of knowledge is crucial to the success of new conveyor lines and equipment in a manufacturing environment where food handling and packaging experience is important. When designing a conveyor system for this type of environment, Nercon understands these requirements.

Visit to learn more about how Nercon is advancing conveyor solutions in the food industry.


When you dedicate your time and efforts to an association, it’s not only good for your business but also good for your industry. When members come together, a stronger voice is created to innovate and bring valuable results. Whether it’s improved businesses or new legislation, positive change from lending your voice will help improve your industry. - See more at:
When you dedicate your time and efforts to an association, it’s not only good for your business but also good for your industry. When members come together, a stronger voice is created to innovate and bring valuable results. Whether it’s improved businesses or new legislation, positive change from lending your voice will help improve your industry. - See more at:


Design Enhancements Improve Nercon’s Flex Lift™ Vertical Conveyor

Flex Lift Simplicity has been a key feature in the success of Nercon’s Flex Lift™ Vertical Conveyor for food, beverage, household, and light industrial packaging applications. The simple design of this robust conveyor enables it to easily fit into operations. Open construction allows for easy maintenance through quick and simple access to all components.

Nercon’s Flex Lift Vertical Conveyor is perfect for use in high-speed applications where floor space is limited. Recent design enhancements and modifications have added even more features and benefits.

To prolong the life of the Flex Lift, Nercon has made these enhancements:

            • Improved design that allows deck to move, creating
               less stress on deck

            • Redesigned spindle bearing for a stronger unit

            • Newly redesigned carry chain pulley for longer life


To increase the versatility of the Flex Lift, Nercon has made the following modifications:

            • Enhanced modular design that enables changes to unit in the event of new line configurations

            • Added adjustable supports for field elevation changes

To improve operational and maintenance issues, Nercon has made these improvements:

            • Added a shaft mount motor and reducer for less maintenance to drive system

            • Integrated overload sensors into drive system for less maintenance

            • Installed take-up sensors for maintenance alert


Nercon is constantly re-evaluating designs and making modifications to conveying systems in order to improve. For more information on their Flex Lift or any other systems, please visit

Nercon Supports the Future of Manufacturing

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Nercon recently visited Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, Wisconsin to give a donation of equipment, Conveyor Changeover Efficiency Loop, for the college’s Manufacturing Technology Center for Electro-Mechanical student training.

Nercon, a leader in conveyor systems and component equipment manufacturer, is providing the Changeover Efficiency Loop with state of the art adjustable guide rail assemblies, from manual to fully automated control solutions. The quick changeover conveyor loop will help students learn about multiple stock-keeping unit strategies for increasing production efficiencies. This partnership with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College will provide students with hands-on exposure and learning opportunities in both electronic and mechanical fields.

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The Neenah, Wis.-based company, having surpassed the 35-year benchmark, is well-known for engineering and manufacturing conveyor systems. Serving food and consumer goods manufacturing industries, Nercon’s expertise is in solving manufacturing business objectives from maximizing production capacity to reducing production line down time.

Visit to learn even more about how Nercon is advancing the future of manufacturing.

Outstanding Manufacturing Employee Award

The NEW Manufacturing Alliance is a group of manufacturers working together with educational institutions, workforce boards, chambers and state organizations to promote manufacturing throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Each year members of NEWMA nominate outstanding manufacturing employees who strengthen their company's workforce for a prestigious All Star Award.

Megan Lambrecht resized 600

CONGRATULATIONS to Megan Lambrecht, the Shop Order/Inventory Coordinator for Nercon and a 2015 All Star Award Recipient.

Click here to watch a video and learn more about Megan and her impact on Nercon.



Cutting-Edge Conveyor Changeover Component

Nercon’s new patent-pending Rapid-Rail™ will be introduced at the Pack Expo Show in November – Booth #N5345. Engineered to simplify changeovers on the packaging line, Rapid-Rail offers:

  • Single point hand adjustment to guide rails
  • Ease-of-use
  • Accomodates multipe package sizes
  • Time saving on long distance conveyor lines

Now several points along the conveyor, over a long distance, can be controlled from one location on the line.

Rapid Rail Handle resized 600

The value to packaging customers is multi-fold. Time savings with Nercon’s Rapid-Rail is HUGE! On a long carton conveyor line with numerous guard rail brackets, it could take several hours for rail adjustments to changeover to different size cartons. With Rapid-Rail, all adjustments are made from only a few locations and affect all points along the line. Change from 32 oz. bottles to 16 oz. bottles in a minute with Rapid-Rail. The equipment works equally well with any type of grocery packaged product.

Nercon employs a simplified, more economical design on Rapid-Rail that limits the number of moving parts. With a repeatable system, it’s easy to fine-tune the path as products go through the turn. The new design also enables operators to add a motor and control any adjustments right from a conventional control system.

Video: NEW Nercon Company Profile



Introducing Nercon's newest company profile video. Watch and listen to how Nercon came to be, who we serve and how we help our customers. Watch video footage of our state-of-the-art fabrication and manufacturing facilities, as well as listen to what our management team has to say about Nercon!

For more information about Nercon, please visit our website. Also, please download our guide on "7 Ways to Keep your Conveyor Running Properly".

8 Conveyor Systems That Help your Personal Care Conveying Needs

Conveyors are the last thing you want to worry about on your production line. All you care about is keeping your product damage free. Our conveyor systems are specifically designed and manufactured to help improve operations equipment efficiencies in the health, beauty and personal care industries.

Nercon has engineered multiple types of conveying equipment to handle your health and beauty packaging needs. The most popular systems include:

  • Pressure-less combiners
  • Re-flow and bi-flow accumulation tables
  • Vertical and serpentine accumulators
  • Alpine conveyor systems
  • Gripper elevators
  • Product reorientation
  • Packing stations
  • Merging and diverting systems

Nercon Personal Care Conveyors

Learn more about how Nercon can help you with your health, beauty and personal care product conveying needs by visiting our personal care website. 

For more information, please visit our website.


The Must-See Ultimate Guide to Conveyor Knowledge

There are guides for every kind of conveyor industry out there. But, can you get all of that information in one place? At Nercon, we want to make it easy for you to find what you need--a place where you can obtain the information you need quickly.

With the use of Slidecasts, we have conveniently arranged conveyor industry information by different topics and discussions. Whether your focus is on the Baking Industry, running a sustainable manufacturing system or you just want more information regarding which chain is best, you can find it here.

With 21 different slidecasts to choose from, finding what you need is easy. Let us help you with these short presentations on information regarding:

  • Sustainability Practices
  • Changeover Tips
  • Sanitation
  • Chain Applications
  • Increasing Line Efficiencies
  • Combining Methods
  • More!

The featured slidecast above describes 7 conveyor and equipment trends!

Please find all of our 21 slidecasts for Nercon here:

Ultimate Guide Site:View Slidecasts

The slidecast link is also featured in our Nercon Media Center, under "webinars", so you can return at any time!

3 Must See Video Guides by Nercon Eng. & Mfg.


Recently, Nercon has published three video guides on our YouTube channel and website to help you along at any stage of purchasing or maintaining a conveyor system.  These three video guides were created to allow for a quicker and more interactive user experience.

The three videos are:

1)      5 Things Nercon Eng. & Mfg. Can Do For You

        This short video explains the five major services that Nercon can provide to you and your company. Nercon takes pride in being the best conveyor manufacturer and even better customer service providers. Whether your project is big or small, we can handle all of your conveying needs.  Download the PDF version here.

2)      7 Helpful Tips to Keeping Your Conveyor System Running Properly

        In this video, we explain 7 simple tips to keeping your existing conveyor running properly. Our tips are meant to help extend the life of your current system and keep it running at top efficiencies. Many of our tips include having extra parts on site in case of an unexpected downtime. Watch the video for brief explanations of each tip, and download the PDF version for a more in-depth look at the guide.  

3)      4 Details to Consider When Purchasing a Conveyor

        This third video was created to bring to mind four considerations that one should make when in the purchasing stage. The video discusses four main areas: Operating/Manufacturing Environment, Product Variety, Sanitation Requirements, and Line Configuration. These four topics will allow you to think about the types of materials that will best suit your product handling needs. Please download the guide for a comprehensive look at all four details.

Please visit our website for more videos and information.

Nercon Expands and Moves Corporate Headquarters

Nercon Eng. and Mfg., IncOshkosh, WI – Nercon Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. recently announced plans to consolidate manufacturing capabilities under one roof at their plant in Oconto, WI. A manufacturer of conveyor systems, Nercon currently operates 2 manufacturing facilities – one in Oshkosh and one in Oconto. The decision to combine the two operations into one expanded, upgraded, state-of-the-art facility in Oconto is driven by Lean Manufacturing practices. Lean Manufacturing embraces value-added principles that increase quality while identifying wasteful practices to reduce unnecessary costs.

“To continue the same manufacturing operations in plants that are just 80 miles from one another is not efficient for our company or our customers,” said Steve Anklam, Vice President of Nercon. “Lean Manufacturing is all about optimizing our processes and eliminating waste. This move and expansion in Oconto will help us eliminate waste, improve manufacturing and assembly processes, improve delivery, and pass savings and benefits on to our customers. This is just the beginning of many positive changes for Nercon.”

Nercon has already made significant investments to improve the Oconto facility. Over   $5 million in equipment and upgrades including a new laser, powder paint system, deburring, CNC rolling, and CNC axis router machines have been added. Plans for a 30,000 square foot expansion are also in the works. Over the next year, the company plans to add 15 new jobs in Oconto. These improvements and additions will make Nercon one of the largest and most modern conveyor companies in the United States.

“Nercon has a very strong balance sheet with zero long term debt,” said Joe Roesler, Vice President of Finance. “We have been able to pay for all of our capital additions mentioned above with operating cash flow. We will also seek to leverage our strong balance sheet by looking for acquisitions that complement our conveyor business and our manufacturing capabilities.”

Phase II of Nercon’s expansion will involve moving their corporate office in Oshkosh to a more modern, state-of-the-art facility that will improve office efficiencies. In addition, the move will give the company better access to a larger pool of professional employees from the Fox Valley area. Though no site has yet been chosen, Anklam indicated that Nercon is looking in the Neenah/Appleton area for this relocation.

 Visit our website:

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