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Posted by Debbie Hoff on Mon, Jun 20, 2016 @ 02:14 PM

Oconto_High_Welding.jpegTogether with Wisconsin-based Oconto High School, Nercon has been working to assure that Oconto students are positioned for success. In addition to offering field trips, donating metal for student projects, and cutting steel coupons for student practice in welding and fabrication, Nercon has also donated parts to Oconto High School to be used for new welding booths and demo stations.

Travis Falkowski, Oconto Unified School District Technology Education Teacher and Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator, has been working with Nercon. Falkowski said, “Nercon has been great to work with and they have gone out of their way to work with us and help us maximize what we were able to do with the referendum money. We want to show our appreciation to Nercon for being a good business and giving back to the community.”

Most recently, some Technology Education students wanted to get embroidered Oconto Tech Ed coats and beanies. Falkowski pitched the idea to Nercon and, together, they decided that any student willing to invest 6 to 8 hours building two utility trailers would receive money to pay for the coats and beanies from the money raised by the sale of the trailers. Falkowski stated, “I wanted to show those students who could not afford a coat that they could earn one by working for it. At the same time, I did not want those students who had money to be able to go and just buy it. I made them work for it! The problem was, so many students wanted in, that two trailers – with school paying for the steel, axles, lights, lumber, paint and tires – would not buy enough coats. I asked Nercon and, without missing a beat, they stepped up and donated the steel. How nice to have Nercon for neighbors literally right down the street.”

Nercon has also participated in the Youth Apprenticeship Program, placing one student in a welding apprenticeship and another in electro-mechanical apprenticeship. The apprenticeships start shortly after school ends for the summer. Students have to put in 450 hours of field-related work and take a minimum of two program-related college level credits each year. The program is designed to fill the gap between high school and the real world of work.

Nercon: Re-flow accumulation tables

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Mon, May 16, 2016 @ 11:19 AM

DSC01242.jpgThe unique single filing concept of Nercon’s re-flow accumulation table ensures smooth jam-free combining of product, while the re-circulation design relieves back pressure in the combining area and aids in overall accumulation pressure relief. The re-flow accumulation table utilizes a small footprint, considering the large storage capabilities that it offers. The offset pressure relief designed into the single filing area will allow a single row of products to continue through the discharge. If more than a single row of products is present in the single filing area, they are crowded onto the return flow side of the table and recirculated to be accumulated or single filed for discharge.

To learn more visit our website.


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FREE GUIDE: Details to Consider When Purchasing a Conveyor

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Wed, Apr 20, 2016 @ 10:28 AM

Purchasing a conveyor system is a well-thought out process. At Nercon, we want to give you the information that will allow you the make the best decision possible. This free guide brings to mind four details that should be considered before a final decision is made.

 The four details that will be discussed are: 

  • Operating/Manufacturing Environment
  • Product Variety
  • Sanitation Requirements
  • Production Line Layout Configuration

Each of the four topics asks pertinent questions that will reflect the outcome of the system. Your answers will allow you to choose the best conveyor parts and materials for your product handling needs.

Free Guide: Click to Download Now

Nercon Changing Motors on Conveyor Systems

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Tue, Mar 22, 2016 @ 10:39 AM

In an effort to continue our high standard for quality, Nercon is making a change with the motors and reducers used on our conveyor systems. Both the Marathon MicroMax™ motor and GR Series - IRONMAN Reducer are designed with industry leading premium features as standard, keeping with Nercon’s commitment to maximum value without compromising quality.
Marathon_MicroMax.jpg Ironman_Reducer.jpg
Marathon MicroMax™ IRONMAN Reducer


To learn more about these 2 new additions to the standard equipment on Nercon's conveyor systems, please download the new product announcement and contact one of our sales team members to hear further how this change positively impacts the quality of Nercon's conveyors.


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Nercon Participates at Engineering Open House

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Mon, Feb 29, 2016 @ 08:35 AM

NerEngineeringOpenHouse.jpgcon participated in an Engineering Open House at NWTC, Green Bay, WI, on Thursday, February 25, 2016. The focus of this event was engaging students, middle through high school, and individuals looking for a second career, in the industry of engineering.

Nercon, a leader in conveyor systems and component equipment manufacturer, showcased a Changeover Efficiency Loop with state of the art adjustable guide rail assemblies, from manual to fully automated control solutions. The quick changeover conveyor loop gave attendees a look at both the electrical and mechanical engineering applications designed at Nercon.

One of Nercon’s team members, Sondra LaCoy, was on-hand to talk about all of the great engineering career opportunities within Nercon. Our engineers are well versed in taking ideas and requirements and turning them into well designed complete conveyor systems. To learn even more visit our website, and go to the careers page.

Nercon Transport Delivers Safely & Efficiently

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Tue, Feb 23, 2016 @ 09:58 AM

Nercon is a manufacturer of conveyor systems for the food, beverage, health & beauty industries. In addition to tabletop conveyors, belt conveyors, mat-style conveyors and conveyor systems, Nercon also offers logistical control of delivery through Nercon Transport, Inc. (NTI). By partnering with a local premiumNercon Transportation trucking company, Nercon can safely and efficiently transport conveyor systems and components directly to facilities without the risk sometimes involved with third-party freight companies.

Using only air-ride equipped trucks, NTI minimizes any potential for in-transit damage to conveyor systems or components. All truckload shipments are delivered from Nercon directly to customers with no transfers or third-party involvement. This minimizes lost shipments. Delivering what you want, when you want it and then tracking direct shipments is as simple as a phone call to Nercon. Freight costs are quoted up-front, providing no surprises. In addition, freight can be invoiced under the same P.O. used for the Nercon conveyor purchase, reducing administrative work.

To learn more about Nercon transportation and our product offerings, please visit our website at

What are the differences in conveyor frame designs?

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Thu, Jan 28, 2016 @ 11:30 AM


The standard for an open top design on tabletop style conveyors feature inverted “ L “ side frames that provide chain and guide rail bracket support, shown on the left photo. Open-top frames are used in most product handling environments.

The closed top cross section shown in the center is intended for use in cleaning where the raised wear-strip blocks spilled product from becoming trapped inside the frame. A quick hose flush will normally remove spilled product. The closed top frame is utilized in most construction levels EXCEPT for the highest sanitary levels that utilize open concept frame like the tubular frame in the upper right.

The tubular frame design is used in the extreme sanitary conveyor construction levels. Formed tube frames are found in process rooms for handling raw food. This is the most costly option because there is extensive labor involved with welding, grinding and polishing.

For more information, visit our archived webinar “Leveraging Sanitary Conveyor Construction Levels.”

Sanitary Webinar

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Comparing Belt Conveyors

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Wed, Dec 23, 2015 @ 08:20 AM

Nercon has designed continuous belt conveyor systems for a wide range of applications, from light duty contact lens containers to heavy-duty industrial bulk handling. Belt conveyors can also be designed to meet clean room, FDA and USDA requirements.

Available in mild or stainless steel construction, belt conveyors can utilize many types of belting including smooth, rough or cleated. Highlighted in the video, are several design styles that are selected depending on the application:

  • Belt on Roller Design
  • Cleated Belt Conveyor
  • Scoop Incline Belt Conveyor
  • Roller Trough Conveyor Design
  • Retractable Noser
  • M – Trough Design
  • 90 Degree Transfer Belt
  • V – Guide Belt System

Applications for belt conveyors include transporting, inspecting, elevating, lowering, cooling, rinsing, freezing, accumulating, sorting, diverting, assembling, sealing and inverting.

Visit for more videos and information on all types of conveyor systems!


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Conveyor Project Planning

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Tue, Dec 01, 2015 @ 09:21 AM

Incline_Conveyor.jpgAs many companies are wrapping up this year's conveyor projects, and new plans are in progress for 2016. Several decisions are involved in conveyor project planning, and results need to meet the end goal of efficient product handling for manimum production output. Below are four aspects to consider when evaluating a conveyor system project for the future.





Operating/Manufacturing Environment

Humidity:  has an effect on how the product is handled as well as the types of materials needed to consistently convey the products.

  • What is the humidity level?
  • Does the humidity level change with the seasons or is the environment controlled?
  • Is the environment wet or dry?
  • Are you working in a frozen/cold environment?
    • Condensation may cause the products to slip while being handled.

Product Variety

  • Do your lines convey a variety of products that range in size, shape and weight?
  • Will you be handling products that require different conveyor belts to be used throughout the system?
  • How often are lines changed over for different products?

Sanitation Requirements

  • Is your production environment one that needs to be washed down or sanitized?
  • What types of chemicals are utilized in your procedures?
  • What types of raw products are you handling?
    • Different levels of raw food call for different sanitation requirements.

How often do you modify your line configuration?

  • Are you frequently adding new products or changing packaging designs and materials, which require you to change conveyor systems?
    • If products and production lines are changed regularly, a modular design may be a solution that will suit your needs.

These four elements are just a starting point for evaluating the needs and requirments when putting together a new conveyor system or adding on to an existing system. As you work through your planning process and develop questions, please contact one of our sales team experts, at, to help answer any questions. 

Free Guide: Click to Download Now


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Success with Sanitary Conveyor

Posted by Debbie Hoff on Tue, Nov 03, 2015 @ 08:28 AM

Sanitary_Belt-resized-600.jpgA highlight, for Nercon, at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015 was our Sanitary Conveyor. The popular display showcased the stainless steel modular belt conveyor with removable wearstrips and return rollers available in both homogenous blue belt and sideflexing Mat-Style designs for diverse applications including inclines, declines and trough conveyors. Our Sanitary Conveyors are an excellent choice for handling raw food, bulk food, packaged food and pharmaceutical products. Competitively priced and constructed of washdown stainless steel, they feature a sanitary welded design that minimizes flat surfaces and eliminates bacteria-prone tubular components in favor of solid round components. Although modular by design, each conveyor is tailored to fit product handling, cleaning, sanitation and safety requirements.

Nercon offers multiple conveyor finishes to achieve the desired Roughness Average (RA) including No. 4 polish, 2B mill, bead blasting finish or mechanical polishing of direct food contact areas. By selecting the proper materials and finish, sanitation time and cleaning costs are greatly reduced. A new clean-out hole design allows sanitation access to the inside of the conveyor for washdown while still protecting operators.

Due to the modular design of the Sanitary Conveyor, Nercon can offer fast delivery and quick installation. With lower costs, industry-best lead times, reduced installation and start-up requirements, it’s easy to see why our Sanitary Conveyor was a hit at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015.

To learn more about Nercon’s product offerings or if you have an application that needs to be analyzed, please visit our website at

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