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Conveyor 101: What is a Traffic Cop?

Posted by Brian Hagens on Wed, May 23, 2012 @ 07:50 AM


The Traffic Cop is a product merging solution that is a true mechanical device. There are no electrical controls or photo eyes required in the process of merging packages. This device has been engineered to handles bags, boxes and cases.

The Traffic Cop directs packages either in slugs or one-at-a-time from two different lanes into one lane by utilizing cam that controls a paddle for each lane. As packages on each of two lanes meet the device, the unlocked paddle allows the first group of packages to travel freely, while the other group is held up with the locked paddle. When the first group is released from the paddle, the cam releases the other paddle and that group of packages is free to move. The Traffic Cop switches between slugs or individual packages when the gap is created.

This merging conveyor solution is best utilized on slow or moderate speed conveyor lines. It requires a stopping motion for the package line and also back pressure. 

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